For Staff / Faculty: Single Sign-On

What changes are coming?to staff and faculty??

The single sign-on (SSO) process is changing on Saturday, August 22nd. ?Once implemented, you will notice the single sign-on (SSO) page will look different than before.

This is what you need to know:

  1. When logging in, use your full Nipissing University email address as your username.
    ? ??e.g.: Use ‘’ instead of ?‘jsmith’
  2. ?Your password is the same, but remains separate from your Gmail password. The password you use here would be the same password as WebAdvisor.

Please read the??"What has changed with the Single Sign-On (SSO) process?" section for more details.

When are these changes coming??

These changes will be implemented during the day on Saturday, August 22nd.

?Why are these changes being made??

The primary reason for these?necessary?changes is to?make Microsoft Office 365 available to the student?population. Without these?changes, there?would be two separate single sign-on processes with different sets of credentials for both Nipissing and Microsoft services.?In order to address this,?the username needed to be harmonized using Microsoft's standards.??

?What has changed with the Single Sign-On (SSO) process??

As a staff or faculty member, when you access the usual Nipissing University single sign-on page (SSO), you will be presented with a new set of?two?Nipissing University-branded Microsoft single sign-on (SSO) pages. The?single sign-on page?allows?you?to access such services as?WebAdvisor?and?
On the first?single sign-on?page, your username on the new SSO login page will be your?full email address?(e.g.:? instead?of?jsmith). Your password will not be changed in any way?– it will remain the same.?


sign in-new

On the second page, you will be prompted for your password, which has not changed.??

sign in new2

Also note that the?Blackboard?mobile application will also start to use a single sign-on page to unify our authentication processes. In doing so, it also adds an extra layer of security.?

?What services does the?Single Sign-On change?impact??

Any?student-facing?Nipissing University service that uses single sign-on. These include, but are not limited to:?

  • The?
  • Blackboard Learn?- Web and Mobile versions?
  • WebAdvisor?/ Self-Service?
  • Microsoft Office 365?