Presentations, Papers and Reports

Presentations at Nipissing University:

Dr.?Marlene Brant Castellano - 2014 Research Ethics Lecture at Nipissing University???
M. Switzer and K. Maracle - 2016 Wampum Belts and Treaties

Reports from Enji giigdoyang:

Deepening Our Collective Understanding?-?Office of Indigenous?Initiatives?

External Papers and Reports:

Answering the Call: Wecheehetowin: Final Report of the Sterring Committee for the Universiity of Toronto Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Council of Ontario Universities: Deepening Our Relationship - Partnering with Aboriginal Communities to Strengthen Ontario Campuses

Yakwanastahenteha/Aankenjigemi - Extending the Rafters: Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force Final Report at Queen's University?

Dr. Shauneen Pete - 100 Ways to Indigenize and decolonize academic programs and courses??

Dr. Shauneen Pete, Dr. Bettina Schneider, Dr. Kathleen O'Reilly - Decolonizing Our Practice /Indigenizing Our Teaching?

Dr. Pamela Toulouse - Integrating Aboriginal Teaching Values into the Classroom - The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat

The State of Aboriginal Learning in Canada: A Holistic Approach to Measuring Success???

Dr. Marie Battiste - Indigenous Knowledge and Pedagogy in First Nations Education 2002

?Malatest & Associates Ltd. -?Promising Practices: Increasing and Supporting Participation for Aboriginal? Students in Ontario?

Council of Ontario Universities - Aboriginal Self - Identification Project Final Report?

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?

Dr. Brent Debassige - Building on Conceptual Interpretations of Aboriginal Literacy in Anishinaabe Research: A Turtle Shaker Model?

Accord on Indigenous Education 2010

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action 2015

?Council of Ontario Universities -?Deepening Our Relationship: An Overview of Indiginization-Related Activities On Our Campuses

?Links and Resources:

Elder Protocol Handbook - Queen's University

Elder Protocol and Guidelines - University of Alberta?

Blackfoot, First Nations, Metis and Inuit Protocol Handbook??

???Dr. Lorna Williams - Aboriginal Speaker Series - Indigenous Pedagogy?

Dr. Margaret Kovach, Dr. Janinne Carrier, Dr. Harpell Montgomery, Dr. M.J. Barrett, Carmen?Gilles,??Indigenous Presence??

Promising Practices in Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Post Secondary Education and Training (APSET) Policy Framework

Student Teacher Anti-Racism Society (STARS) Educational Resource: Becoming and Being an Ally of Aboriginal Education

Canadian Roots Exchange?

Alanis Obomsawin - Documentaries / National Film Board

Dr. John Long, Treaty No. 9: Making the Agreement to Share the Land in Far Northern Ontario in 1905

8th Fire: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada a& the Way Foward - CBC

Suggested Reading??

CAUT Territorial Acknowledgement Guide

????Indigenizing the academy: University Affairs