Master of Education Courses

Master of Education?

Students must complete a total of 30 credits as follows:?

Core Courses:


(one of the following)


  • Course Route: (seven 3-credit electives required)
  • MRP Route: (six 3-credit electives required)
  • Thesis Route: ( four 3-credit electives required)

Elective Offerings:

The following courses are grouped according to themes. These themes do not offer a concentration that will appear on your transcript. All of the courses below are subject to availability.

General Electives:

Research courses

  • EDUC 5286:?Narrative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning and Research?
  • EDUC 5547:?Indigenous Research?
  • EDUC 5676:?Qualitative Approaches?to Educational Research
  • EDUC 5747:?Inquiry Through the Arts: Research Methodologies and Methods?

Educational Leadership, Social Justice, and Equity

These courses foster leadership in education regarding the development of a 21st century society that promotes social justice and equity.

  • EDUC 5156: History of Education in Canada
  • EDUC 5166:?Critical Pedagogy and Approaches to Democratic Education
  • EDUC 5176: Education Law in Schools ?
  • EDUC 5237: Educating for Environmental Sustainability
  • EDUC 5266:?Holistic Education
  • EDUC 5336: Educational Leadership
  • EDUC 5337: Conceptions of Student Risk & Resilience, and Educational Leadership
  • EDUC 5366: Safe Schools
  • EDUC 5417:?Alternative Schooling
  • EDUC 5447: Current Issues in the Teaching & Learning of Boys & Men
  • EDUC 5456:?Issues in Special Education?
  • EDUC 5476: Mentoring as Supportive Practice
  • EDUC 5536:?Issues in First Nations Education
  • EDUC 5617:?Readings in Special Education
  • EDUC 5687: Comparative and International Education
  • EDUC 6118: Inquiry-Based Growth & Development in Educational Sustainability

Curriculum Studies

These courses focus on the design, implementation, assessment, and revitalization of curriculum in diverse contexts for 21st century learners.

  • EDUC 5116:?Principles of Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDUC 5146: Reflective Practice
  • EDUC 5147: Teaching Evidence-Based Practice
  • EDUC 5206: Exploring Experiential Learning in Health
  • EDUC 5237:?Educating for Environmental Sustainability
  • EDUC 5247: Issues in Mathematics Education
  • EDUC 5276:?Educational Representations?in Popular Culture
  • EDUC 5296:?New Literacies: Making Multiple Meanings
  • EDUC 5426:?Models and Theories of Reading Across the Lifespan
  • EDUC 5436:?Early Literacy
  • EDUC 5466: Adults as Learners
  • EDUC 5496:?Meanings of Literacy: Theory into Practice
  • EDUC 5586:?Research Themes in Second Language Education
  • EDUC 5646:?Creativity and Learning?
  • EDUC 5736: Teaching & Learning Through the Arts?


  • EDUC 6116: Critical Conversation in Educational Research
  • EDUC 6117: Critical Conversation in Educational Theory
  • EDUC 6126: Doctoral Seminar

PhD Elective:

  • EDUC 6118: Inquiry-Based Growth & Development In Educational Sustainability


For a complete listing of graduate level Education courses, please consult the 5000 and 6000 level courses in the Academic Calendar.