MRP/Thesis Submission Timeline

For a more detailed overview of the defence process, visit the MRP/Thesis/Dissertation Defence Process web page.?


MRP/Thesis ?Submission Timeline ? ?

Beginning of SS term ?MRP/Thesis proposal approvals du??e to SGS MRP/Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Approval Form??
8 weeks prior ?Supervisor submission recommendations for External Examiners to Graduate Coordinator/C?hair ?External Examiner Recommendation?
?6-8 weeks prior ?Graduate Coordinator/Chair confirms External Examiner and sends notice of the Examination Committee m??embers to the SGS ?MEMO of Examination Committee Members
5 weeks prior MRP/Thesis submission deadline (submission in PDF format sent via email to and SGS sends the MRP/Thesis to the External Examiner for review ?
4-7 weeks prior ?SGS books time and location of Defences ?
?1 week prior ?External Examiner Report? due to SGS and SGS shares the report with the Supervisor. ?
? ??Defence dates