Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research and Service

Teaching - FASBU - Full time Faculty

Past Award Winners

2020 -?Two Award Winners

  • Dr. Nancy Maynes, Schulich School of Education
  • Dr. Laurie Peachey, School of Nursing

2019 - Dr. Steven Hansen, Schulich School of Education

2018 -? Two Award Winners:

  • Dr. Benjamin Kelly, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Dr. Glen Sharpe, Schulich School of Education

2017 -?Two Award Winners:

  • Dr. Terry Campbell, Schulich School of Education
  • Dr. Carly Dokis, Department of Anthropology

2016?- Dr. Peter Nosko, Biology and Environmental Science

2015?- Dr. Glenda Black, Schulich School of Education

2014 -?Two Award Winners:

  • Dr. Sal Renshaw, Gender?Equality and Social Justice
  • Dr. John Allison, Schulich School of Education



Teaching - CASBU - Part time Faculty

Past Award Winners

2020 - Mr. Bill Steer, Schulich School of Education

2019 - Dr. Rick Senior, School of Nursing

2018 -? Laura Rossi, Department of Biology and Chemistry

2017 - Jesse Davis, Applied and Professional Studies

2016 - Joanne Kmiec, Schulich School of Education

2015 - Joseph Boivin, Department of Biology

2014 - Jennifer (Jenny) Guibert, Schulich School of Education


Past Award Winners

2020 - Dr. Hilary Earl, Department of History

2019 - Dr. Mukund Jha, Department of Biology

2018 - Dr. Steven Arnocky, Department of Psychology

2017 - Dr. Mark Wachowiak, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

2016 - Dr. Justin Carré, Department of Psychology

2015 - No Recipient

2014 - Dr. David Hemsworth, Department of School of Business


Past Winners

2020 - Dr. Gyllian Phillips, Department of English

2019?- Dr. Toivo Koivukoski, Department of Political Science